Buying a house, how does it work?

This is the one! You have finally found your dream house. After months of scouring the internet and waiting patiently, you want to buy your future new-build. With us, you can buy this house 100% online, through an estate agent, or a combination of both. But how does this work? Watch the video series on buying a new-build house or scroll down this page to read through all the steps in the process.

Found it!

You found a project that perfectly fits your needs. You might already have found one - or more - favorite house(s). To stay up to date, you can subscribe to the project’s monthly newsletter via the website footer and create a personal account using the designated button at your favorite house type/construction number. Confirm your account within 24 hours. Otherwise, your interest in the project will be deleted. Please note: the confirmation email may be in your spam box. After confirming, you can log in to My Own Home, explore your residential preferences and start adding houses to your personal wishlist.

Adding a house to the wishlist

You can keep the construction numbers you are interested in clearly in your wishlist. Adding a house to your wishlist is very easy. Simply click the heart or the 'Wishlist' button. The house is then automatically saved. Super simple!

Indicating preferences

Once the sale has started, you can place the construction numbers you are interested in in the shopping basket via the house overview or the wishlist. You can then indicate a maximum of five preferences, which are clearly visible in your account. Registration is personal and non-transferable. Only one registration will be accepted per future household. Are you subscribed to the project newsletter? Then you will receive a reminder when the time has come!

If there are still construction numbers free after the sale, then you can immediately request an option on a specific construction number. On working days, you will know if you have been allocated the house within 24 hours.

The allocation

When allocating construction numbers, we strive to match the candidate's highest preferences as much as possible. During this process we follow a number of consecutive criteria. We will explain how this process works.

1. Number of candidates per construction number
When there is only one candidate who has given a first preference for a certain construction number, the house will automatically be allocated to this person. When there are more candidates with the same preferences for a certain construction number, then a second criteria will follow.

2. Registration date
The moment you register for a project phase determines your registration date. If there is one candidate with the longest registration period in days, the house will be assigned to this person. If there are several candidates with a first preference for the same construction number and their registration period equals in days, then a third criteria will follow: the financial check.

3. Financial check
If there is one candidate with the longest registration period and a financial check, the construction number will be allocated to this person. If there are several candidates with a first preference for the same construction number, an equal registration period and a financial check, then a fourth criteria will follow.

Please note that the financial check states that – given your stated income, assets and/or debt – you can loan the required amount for your preferred house or pay it (partly) with your own assets. This information is only used for the allocation process and will be deleted afterwards.

4. Time of registration
The time of registration is the fourth and final assessment and is applied if the construction number cannot be allocated based on the first three criteria. The house will eventually be allocated to the candidate whom registered the earliest on the day in question. Please note: this concerns the registration date and time for the relevant project phase that will go on sale.

We always strive for an optimal occupation of all construction numbers. Meaning that a specific construction number may be allocated to you if you are the only one with a preference. Even if this is not your first preference. This does not apply for candidates with a financial check. So once construction numbers remain available after the first allocation round, we repeat the process following above-mentioned criteria but now focus on candidates’ second preferences. Then their third preference, and so on.

Watch the video below for a visual representation of the process.


After the allocation, you will receive an email message stating if a house has been allocated to you. In your account, you can see which house it concerns. You have an option on that house. If you have not been allocated a house, then you will be a reserve candidate. You can see this in your account, too.

A house has been allocated

Congratulations! You have been allocated a house! You will confirm the option in your account within 48 hours. Then you will decide how you wish to go through the purchase process. You can do this through the estate agent, fully online, or a combination of both. The choice is yours! Do you not wish to go through with the sale? Then you can cancel the option. You can do this in your account as well. This is free of charge and free of obligations. Note: If you turn down an option, you will automatically move to the bottom of the reserve list for any other construction numbers for which you registered.

No house

Unfortunately, there were more candidates than houses, and you have not been allocated a house. In your account, you can see that you are a reserve candidate for your preferred house(s), and you will receive a message about this. If someone rejects the option, then we will allocate the house again to the remaining candidates with a first preference for the construction number in question. We will contact you if this is the case. We do not issue any information on the number of reserve candidates or your position on the reserve list.

Signing the contract digitally

You are now one step closer to buying your new house. You will now sign two contracts: one for the land you are buying from BPD, and one for the house the contractor will build for you. These contracts will be signed digitally. You can do this at the estate agent's or at home on the couch. It is always possible to change this choice in your account.

To sign the contracts, you will receive an email containing a link to the agreements to be signed. If you are buying together with your partner, then you will both receive an email separately. You can sign the contract via your smartphone, tablet or PC. A number of steps follow. First, you will identify yourself via iDIN and you will login to your bank. Are you signing at the estate agent? Then do not forget to bring along your bank's verification tool (if applicable). You will place your name and signature using the mouse if you are using a PC, or your finger if you are using a tablet or mobile telephone. Once all parties have signed, then you can find the contracts and the transaction slip in your account under Personal Documents.


Fill in the information in your personal account as much as possible. This information will be on the contracts exactly as they are in your account!

Digitally with the estate agent

If you are completely sure that you want to buy the house, then you can schedule a signing meeting with the estate agent. There are two agreements that you will first go through online together with the estate agent. One for the land and one for the construction of the house. As soon as any questions have been answered by the estate agent, you will place your digital signature. You can do this by identifying yourself using iDIN and logging into your bank. Do not forget to bring your bank's verification tool to the estate agent's. You will place your name and signature using the mouse if you are using a PC, or your finger if you are using a tablet or mobile telephone. The step to the next phase has been taken!

At home on the couch

Did you opt for fully online purchase after confirming the option? Then you will go through a few more steps to ensure that the online agreements are created. Did you go through the steps? Then the agreements will be ready for you in your account with BPD's signature within a few working days. You will subsequently sign these digitally, too. Identify yourself via iDIN and login to your bank. You will place your name and signature using the mouse if you are using a PC, or your finger if you are using a tablet or mobile telephone. On to the next phase!

After placing your digital signature on these documents, you can find the fully signed contracts in your personal account. You can also find a transaction slip there. More information about digital signing can be found in the frequently asked questions and in your account.

Your house!

With that, your dream house has truly become your own house! Construction will begin the moment at least 70% of all houses in the project have been sold. And when all other suspensive and terminating conditions from the purchase agreement have been met. You will naturally receive a message from us.

From that moment, contact regarding the construction of your house primarily goes through the contractor. The contractor will be your fixed point of contact. Together with the contractor, you will enter into agreements on the contract variations and other wishes regarding your house. We will keep you informed of the other developments in your new neighbourhood via email.

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