The allocation procedure

Have you had your eye on a new-build property? If so, you will, of course, be wanting to pull out all the stops to acquire it. In order to allocate as many people as possible the home of their dreams, we follow a number of criteria.

1. Number of applicants per build number

We feel it is important that as many people as possible are allocated the home that is their first preference. Which is why we initially look at candidates' first preferences. If you're the only candidate for a build number, that's good news. The home will be allocated to you. Congratulations!

What if there are there several candidates with a first preference for a particular build number? Then a second assessment follows.

2. Financial check

If there are several candidates with a first preference for a specific build number, we look at candidates who have uploaded a financial check. These candidates will have priority over those without a financial check. A financial check provides both you and us with assurance that you can afford the property, whether through a loan from the bank and/or (partly) using your own funds.

You should upload the financial check, a letter from your mortgage provider or financial advisor, in your personal account once the build number goes on sale. The option to do so is available as soon as the registration period has started and you have indicated your build number preferences. If you have uploaded your financial check, and there are no other candidates having a financial check and a first preference for the desired build number, the home will be allocated to you.

Please note: your financial check states that - with your stated income, assets and/or debt - you can borrow the required amount for your desired home or (partly) pay using your own funds. This information is only used for allocation purposes. It is subsequently destroyed when the last property in the project is sold. With candidates dropping out from time to time, this allows us to still allocate lower-ranked buyers a property through an existing financial check.

3. Registration period

What if there are there several candidates with a first preference for a build number, and all these candidates are in possession of a financial check? Then, we will finally look at the time of registration. We base the registration period on when you first registered your interest in the relevant phase that is on sale. This is the duration in days, minutes and seconds.

Please note: this doesn't relate to registration once the build number goes on sale. Which means you should take your time submitting your preferences during the selling period (maximum 5). The home will eventually be allocated to the person who has been registered the longest.

We reserve the right to remove duplicate registrations without further notice. Only 1 registration will be accepted per prospective household.

Optimal occupation

Optimal occupancy of all build numbers is important to us. This means that a particular build number will be allocated to you if you're the only one with a preference for it - even if it isn't your first preference. This allows us to allocate housing to as many people as possible. There is one exception: we always try to allocate candidates who have conducted a financial check a home based on the above criteria, starting with the first preference.

Is the allocation process still not entirely clear to you? If so, please watch the video below. In it, we provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how the process works.

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