Expat Mortgages: help by arranging a mortgage in the Netherlands

12 juni '24

Are you an expat who wants to buy a house in Park Valley? Expat Mortgages has got your back! The financial experts from Expat Mortgages think in terms of opportunities and growth and help you with buying a house in the Netherlands.

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More information about Expat Mortgages

Expat Mortgages is a team of independent mortgage brokers for expats who want to buy a house in the Netherlands. The company has existed for more than 17 years and has provided mortgage advice to thousands of people from different nationalities. They only work with expats and therefore have become a specialist in what they do.

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What they provide

The advisors will guide you through the process of arranging a mortgage. All communication (either verbal or written) will be in English and they’ll make sure you receive a translated version of the mortgage offer that is provided by the bank. The consultants are very flexible and therefore it is also possible to meet outside office hours. Any necessary communication with the bank (or other third parties involved) will be handled by Expat Mortgages.

Expat Mortgages has several offices throughout the Netherlands. The initial meeting with one of the advisors is free of charge and they can either schedule a meeting at their office or online.

An extra service provided by them for all customers is arranging the provisional tax rebate (for the mortgage related costs) in the first year of financing, free of charge.

Interested? You can contact Expat Mortgages by email at [email protected], by calling +31 (0)20 7173908 or visit their website for more information.

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