Do you want to save more? Our energy module calculates it for you!

23 maart '23

Despite the price cap, energy prices are still skyrocketing. Are you interested in a home in Park Valley? Then you really won't have to worry about a sky-high energy bill. In Park Valley, you'll live sustainably – and you'll feel it in your wallet. This kills two birds with one stone! You know what: why not calculate it right now with our Energy Module?

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The energy module: how it works

No more calculations and research. We make things a little easier with our Energy Module. How? Enter the type of heat supply and consumption of your current home. Do you not have this readily available? The module will make a calculation based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics. Then, select your dream home in Park Valley. At the touch of a button, the formula effortlessly calculates how much you can save by living in this green residential valley. Handy, isn't it?

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Save on costs and live sustainably

A low energy bill and sustainable too. Naturally, that's always music to the ears. Especially in this day and age! Park Valley is the perfect place for you in this respect. We've thought of everything. A new-build home in Park Valley comes with low energy costs as standard thanks to good insulation, solar control glazing, outdoor sun protection on sun-facing facades, solar panels, a collective heat pump and more. The homes are also completely gas-free. In essence, we are switching from single-use energy sources (coal and natural gas) to energy that never runs out, like our wonderful sun. This way you are perfectly prepared for the future!

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Are you ready to live more sustainably? This is your chance!

Park Valley Phase 1 homes have now gone on sale. Do you want to receive the key to your new, sustainable home this year? There are still a few homes for sale in Park Valley Phase 1 that will be completed this year. How about it?

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